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Bingo Lingo

Bingo Lingo

Bingo Lingo is a special language, if you will, that is used inside the chatrooms of the most popular online bingo sites in the UK.

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The chatrooms provide a great opportunity for you to mingle with your fellow players, as well as with your chat hosts (who, by the way, often have exclusive prizes and bonuses waiting for you). Everyone in the bingo chats uses this special bingo lingo to wish you good luck (GL), let you know when they will be right back (BRB), inform you when you have 1TG (1 to go) to win the game, or if they are JK (just kidding) and more!

  1. Kelly's Eye
  2. One Little Duck
  3. Cup of Tea
  4. Knock at the Door
  5. Man Alive
  6. Tom Mix
  7. Lucky 7
  8. Garden Gate
  9. Doctors Orders
  10. Theresa's Den
  11. Legs Eleven
  12. One Dozen
  13. Unlucky for Some
  14. Valentine's Day
  15. Young and Keen
  16. Sweet Sixteen
  17. Dancing Queen
  18. Coming of Age
  19. Goodbye-Teens
  20. One Score
  21. Key of the Door
  22. Two Little Ducks
  23. Thee and Me
  24. Two Dozen
  25. Duck and Dive
  26. Pick and Mix
  27. Gateway to Heaven
  28. Over Weight
  29. Rise and Shine
  30. Dirty Gertie
  1. Get up and Run
  2. Buckle my Shoe
  3. Dirty Knee
  4. Ask for More
  5. Jump and Jive
  6. Three Dozen
  7. More than Eleven
  8. Christmas Cake
  9. Steps
  10. Naughty Forty
  11. Time for Fun
  12. Winnie the Pooh
  13. Down on your Knees
  14. Droopy Drawers
  15. Halfway There
  16. Up to Tricks
  17. Four and Seven
  18. Four Dozen
  19. PC
  20. Half a Century
  21. Tweak of the Thumb
  22. Danny La Rue
  23. Stuck in the Tree
  24. Clean the Floor
  25. Snakes Alive
  26. Was she worth it
  27. Heinz Varieties
  28. Make them Wait
  29. Brighton Line
  30. Five Dozen
  1. Bakers Bun
  2. Turn on the Screw
  3. Tickle Me 63
  4. Red Raw
  5. Old Age Pension
  6. Clickety Click
  7. Made in Heaven
  8. Saving Grace
  9. Either Way Up
  10. Three Score & Ten
  11. Bang on the Drum
  12. Six Dozen
  13. Queen B
  14. Candy Store
  15. Strive & Strive
  16. Trombones
  17. Sunset Strip
  18. Heaven's Gate
  19. One More Time
  20. Eight & Blank
  21. Stop & Run
  22. Straight On Through
  23. Time for Tea
  24. Seven Dozen
  25. Staying Alive
  26. Between the Sticks
  27. Torquay in Devon
  28. Two Fat Ladies
  29. Nearly There
  30. Top of the Shop

Who uses Bingo Lingo ?

Everyone in the chatroom can, and does, use bingo lingo. During every bingo game, there is a conversation going on the chatrooms, where hosts may be giving extra prizes, or updating players about the games, and where you, the player, can get to know the other players.

As such, the chat hosts may use it to thank you for playing or to give you additional information, whilst you and your fellow players may use bingo lingo to buy tickets, to wish each other luck in the game, to announce that you've won, and more. It's simply a fun way to chat with one another – remember when you were younger and had a secret language with your friends? It's kind of like that.

How do I learn Bingo Lingo ?

The bingo lingo at Robin Hood Bingo is the same as most other online bingo sites. Once you've learned it here, you're good to go! We know that it may seem like a lot, but you'll get the hang of it in no time. You can see the full list below, and as you'll notice, it's mostly the first letter of each word in the phrase you want to say. Check out the list then start using your bingo lingo in every game! CYAL8R! GL!