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Battle Royale

Battle Royale Review

Enjoy role playing in this innovative game by SkillzGaming! Battle Royale is an arcade like game, that consists of cartoon built graphics and features entertaining gameplay. Build your team of heroes and fight against the enemies you encounter throughout the game.

On launching the game, attack your enemies for quick rewards. During the battle, each hero receives random cards that come with Mana strength. Mana cards reduce the strength of your enemy during any battle. Each time you hit an enemy, a prize is awarded, but wins are only collected when the enemy had been defeated.

Top Features:

  • Bonus Rounds
  • Free Battles
  • Magic Stones

How to Play

Before you kick off your gameplay, set your bets on the Set Bet Field, and choose from the stakes offered. Start the game by clicking on the Play button and enjoy! When the game starts, playing cards are dealt for each hero in your team. The battle ends when all heroes have been defeated or have won
  • Bet Level No bet levels available.

  • Amount of Lines Selection No paylines available.

  • Coin Values Set your coins from the lowest amount of £0.60 to the highest amount of £100.00.

Bonus Rounds

Boss Fight Feature
When the Forest Island card is dealt, a Boss Dragon enters the battlefield. All five heroes then combine all their skills in order to defeat it. Mana cards help reduce the life of the beat, but when a skull card is dealt, the Boss Dragon starts to attack. The feature ends when either all five heroes or the boss dragon has been defeated!

Villains Wave
If the Swamp Island bonus card has been dealt, a magical crossbow appears to help fight the enemies, which allows all heroes to retreat to safety. Receive 15 arrows for each wave of enemies that have been defeated. When all five waves have been defeated, the feature ends.

Free Battles
When the Desert Island bonus card is dealt, five free battles are awarded. During each free battle, a treasure card is given, which awards a prize. Treasure Island Event In Battle Royale slot, Treasure Island opens every 12 hours for only 20 battles. Extra 25% is added to all prizes which are generated from the feature. Collecting the Magic Stone awards, you the chance of winning the grand prize!

Lava Stone Pick
Having dealt the Volcano Island bonus card, grab the chance to pick from as much stones as you like. Once you have revealed a multiplier stone, prizes are multiplied and added to your balance!
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