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Big Money Slingo Bonus

Big Money Slingo Bonus Review

If you thought that Big Money Slingo had big money, then you haven’t yet played Big Money Slingo Bonus! This new Slingo casino game has swept through the UK and Slingo players across the country are crazy about it!

The rewards in Big Money Slingo Bonus are even bigger than the original Slingo game it is based on, and it offers ever more bonuses and features. So, don’t wait. Play the game and aim for the £250,000 mega prize!

How to Play Big Money Slingo Bonus

Play Slingo to win at this game:

  • Just like the original, you don’t make regular bets. Instead you need to choose a location from the 6 presented to you at the beginning of the game. The locations and the bet amounts linked to them are:
    • Joker Hamlet is worth 50p
    • Royal Forest is worth £1
    • Golden Fields is worth £2
    • Diamond peak is worth £5
    • Lucky Gulch is worth £10
    • Smugglers Cove is worth £15
  • Once you enter the game screen, you will see the classic Slingo bingo ticket. Below that is the familiar Slingo slots reel, where the numbers you need to cross off from the grid appear.
  • This game does not have a pay table. Instead, the amounts you can win are shown in blurbs around the grid. It may be a little confusing at first, but once you start playing the game, you get used to that layout!
  • On the extreme right of the game screen is the table that shows how many keys you have collected. We will talk about the keys in more detail later!
  • Click on PLAY once you have chosen your location and set your bet.
  • At the start of the game, you get a total of 6 spins to win as many Slingos as you can.

Features and Benefits

While the game may be based on Big Money Slingo, Big Money Slingo Bonus is a very innovative game in itself. Gameplay is easy to pick up (once you get used to the blurbs all over the screen!), and the rewards are many.

Unlike other Slingo games, where you can cross off numbers of your choice on the grid when you get a Joker, in this Slingo online casino game, you get up to 4 Jokers placed randomly on the grid at the start of the game.

Special Symbols: Besides the Joker, who already is in place at the start of the game, you get other special symbols to help you win the game:

  • Free Spin: You can win free spins in the course of the game!
  • Key Symbol: In this version of Slingo, you can win Key symbols in the course of the game. If you manage to collect all 5 Keys, then you activate the Wheel Bonus Mini-Game.

Wheel Bonus Mini Game: This game is activated when you have collected all 5 keys. A wheel will appear on the game screen and you need to SPIN it. This wheel has prizes marked on it, and when it stops, whichever prize is highlighted is yours!

Mobile Experience

Big Money Slingo Bonus is designed to be mobile friendly, so you can use any one of your mobile devices to play this game.

Tips and Strategy

  • Focus on winning the game in 6 spins. You may get lucky and win a free spin in the game, but that’s it.
  • The more you bet, the bigger you win. But remember, this game has a lower-than-average RTP, which means that you may not get as many wins as you desire.
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