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Slingo Reel Extreme

Slingo Reel Extreme Review

Slingo Reel Extreme is an exciting combination of Slingo Reel Riches and Slingo Extreme, making it one of the most fast-paced and action packed Slingo games in the genre!

While many of your favourite Slingo casino game characters make an appearance in this version, there is a different level of action you will experience when playing this Slingo online game. You have it all in this game – Wilds, Multipliers, Scatters, Free Spins, Bonuses and Progressive Jackpots!

How to Play Slingo Reel Extreme

Game Layout:

  • Place your bets.
  • Click on the SPIN button to start the game.
  • Make as many combinations and aim for Bonus symbols to increase your wins!

Features and Benefits

This game is really simple to play, but it is fast-paced and super exciting. It comes loaded with your favourite (and not so favourite) Slingo characters – the Jokers, the Angel and, sadly, even that pestilential Devil.

A special symbol here is the Wild Logo, which is a stack of golden coins. If this symbol appears on your reels, then it will double your line wins and also replaces symbols to create even more winning combinations! It will not, however, replace the Bonus symbol.

Like Slingo Extreme, the theme of this game is also fiery – lots of reds and oranges! However, unlike any other game – Slingo or slots – you have a higher chance of winning since 5 games are linked! What this means is that you get 5 spins to collect as many Bonus symbols as you can. Which also means that you have a higher chance of activating the Win Spins Bonus.

Win Spin Bonus

Once you have managed to gather 3 or more Bonus symbols, you will activate the Win Spin round. It’s really simple, the more Bonuses you have collected, the higher your prizes.

And the interesting thing is that this is the part of the game where you can control how volatile you want the bonus round to be.

  • 3 Bonus Symbols: If you collect 3 Bonus symbols in your 5 linked spins, then you get the choice of:

    • 16 spins + 2x Multipliers, OR
    • 8 spins + 4x Multipliers, OR
    • 4 spins + 8x Multipliers
  • 4 Bonus Symbols: If you collect 4 of these symbols, you get this choice:

    • 16 spins + 4x Multipliers, OR
    • 8 spins + 8x Multipliers, OR
    • 4 spins + 16x Multipliers
  • 5 Bonus Symbols: If you are lucky enough to collect 5 Bonus symbols in your spins, then you get:

    • 16 spins + 20x Multipliers, OR
    • 8 spins + 40x Multipliers, OR
    • 4 spins + 80x Multipliers!

Mobile Experience

In this Slingo adventure, you don’t need to worry about leaving your game behind. You can take it with you anywhere you go! How, you ask? By using your mobile devices such as phones and tablets!

Tips and Strategy

The biggest tip we can give you in this game is to use your smarts while playing the Win Spin bonus round. If you are on a winning streak and want to seriously multiply your wins, go ahead and aim for that mega 80x multiplier. However, if you want to play it safer and get more modest (but surer) wins, then take it slow and easy!

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