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Slingo Reel Riches

Slingo Reel Riches Review

This is another Slingo casino game that has diverged from the standard. It is considered to be one of the most unusual of all Slingo games. Rather than following the Slingo bingo and slots combination, Slingo Reel Riches adopts more elements from traditional online slots.

However, don’t think that this impacts the rewards you can win from the game. In fact, besides being so unusual, Slingo Reel Riches is also one of the most rewarding you can play.

How to Play Slingo Reel Riches

Game Layout:

The game layout is quite different from your regular Slingo games. In fact, it is more of a Slingo Slots kind of a game!

  • Rather than the traditional Slingo grid, you have a 20-payline, 5-reel slots layout.
  • But, like other Slingo games, you still need to set your bet and spin the reels.
  • The bets button is at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. When you click on it, you get a choice of 8 different bets. 20p, 40p, £1, £2, £5 and £10. Then the next two bets are much higher at £25 and £50.
  • On the top right is the expandable menu, which gives you the option to return to the game lobby, toggle the sound or read the rules of the game.
  • On the bottom right is the SPIN button which starts the game.
  • The pay table shows you winning combinations that are created from the 11 different symbols used in the game.


The game is very simple to play.

  • Place your bet.
  • Click on SPIN. The game begins!

Features and Benefits

This Slingo online game appears like a traditional slots game. It has, as mentioned earlier, 11 different symbols, whose combinations produce wins.

  • The low win symbols are A-K-Q-J-10, while the higher pay out symbols are the WILD (which is a stack of pound coins), the Joker and the Super Joker, the Devil and the Fairy.
  • You also have a Bonus symbol that triggers the Slingo Riches Bonus.
  • The most valuable symbols in the game are the Jokers, which can get you a reward of up to 1600x your original bet.
  • The Wild (stacked coins) is the second most valuable symbol and you can win up to 1000x your original bet.
  • When the Wild appears on your reels, the value of your wins is doubled and it can help you by substituting for any other symbol. Well, except the Bonus symbol.

Bonus: Once you land 3 or more Bonus symbols on the reels, you activate this bonus round and are awarded free spins. Here is where the volatility of the game is in your control. You get to choose one of the following:

  • 16 spins with a 2x multiplier
  • 8 spins with a 4x multiplier
  • 4 spins with an 8x multiplier

Mobile Experience

Now, Slingo Reel Riches has been adapted for mobile gameplay, so you can play this wonderful game anywhere you are on any of your mobile devices.

Tips and Strategy

Since this game is more like a game of slots, you are dependent on Lady Luck to get you through your Slingo adventure. However, there is one part of the game that you do control – the bonus round. You can take a chance and go for a high volatility option (4 spins) or you can play it safe with the low volatility option (16 spins) – the choice is yours.

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