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Candy Land Tournament

Play Robin Hood Bingo's Sweetie Land Tournament to win a tasty treat for free! The first round is on us, and there's a £300 guaranteed cash jackpot up for grabs daily, to be shared by 8 players. Game plays every day from 6pm-12am, so come get your just desserts and play to win the sweetest tourney in the Sherwood Forest!


After your free first round, you can play up to 8 more rounds of the Sweetie Land Tournament for cheap. Want to improve your score? Restart the round for just pennies! You can restart as many times as you like, and your highest score will be saved for you. The more you play, the better your score* will be and the higher you'll rank- which means you'll have a better chance of nabbing the sweet cash prize!
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ranking table
Once the tourney starts you'll receive 4,000 tokens. The default bet is 25 lines and 10 tokens, which is a total bet of 250.
If you spin at this default level you'll be left with approximately 750 tokens remaining by the time the round ends.
If you're a high roller, you can max bet to 1,250 tokens. If you max bet, your round will end when you have no tokens
remaining, which will occur before the 1 minute round is over. Don't forget, if you bet at a higher level you'll have
less spins but bigger potential wins! Play now to start earning points to win a scrumptious slice of the jackpot!
*Remember, your score reflects points earned, not winnings
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Promotions Terms
  • Sweetie Land Tournament is available for funded players only.
  • Only 1 free round per tournament per player is available.
  • Ticket price is £1 each, and a maximum of 9 tickets are available per player (The first ticket is free, and the other 9 are available to purchase). Each ticket buys one round. A round time of 1 Minute and 4000 tokens.
  • For each ticket, a player will receive 4000 tokens and a play time of 1 Minute. 250 tokens are set as the default bet. 1,250 tokens is the maximum bet available. Players can change the settings of their bet level as they see fit. Betting a higher amount of tokens, will result in the player running out of tokens sooner and may end the round before the 1 Minute play time is over.
  • All winnings during the tournaments are points only and not cash by any means. They will not be credited to the players' accounts.
  • The points won during each of the 9 tournament rounds will be added up to compile the final result. Players can start over and play each of the 9 rounds available. Players can start over as many times as they like. If starting over, the best score achieved overall, will be counted on the leaderboard.
  • The start over cost is 75p. This cost buys a player one more round. After a player starts over, it is possible to buy 8 additional tickets for £1 each, for 8 additional rounds - a total of 9.
  • The 8 players with the highest score results at the end of the tournament, will be credited with real cash prizes as displayed on the leaderboard.
  • In case a player loses internet connection while playing, compensation for the lost time will not be given. A player may try re-entering the game and will be able to play only if there is enough time.
  • In case of server disconnection, once resolved, players will get a chance to resume the last round from the beginning while the points accumulated until server disconnection happened will not be taken in account.
  • The tournament play time is predetermined, and so players must join the tournament and play for its duration for them to gain any prizes.
  • The tournament's play time is published in the tournament's details.
  • Joining the tournament is possible only until 10 minutes before it ends.
  • Tickets cannot be canceled once purchased.
  • Robin Hood Bingo reserves the right to cancel a tournament at any time and for any reason. In such case, players who purchased tickets for the cancelled game will get a full refund to the same balance from which the player was charged.
  • Robin Hood Bingo reserves the right to change the tournament play time during any play time and for any reason.
  • Tourneys play on Robin Hood Bingo.
  • By accepting any prize/and or winnings from the Company, promotion winners consent to the use of their full name, the city in which they live, photographs and filming of them and will also provide commentary about winning the prize for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law.
  • General Robin Hood Bingo T&Cs apply.