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1p Bingo Jackpots

Robin's January Sales have never been better, Roomies! He's got a new jackpot for you – but it'll only be here for a limited time! Join the fun EVERY night at 11pm and you can win up to £250! Dust off your lucky penny, get your tickets and win BIG! Good luck!


Money Penny Jackpot is available for all players and plays every night at 10pm. Cards are 1p each. Maximum purchase of cards per game is 96. 1tg winners share £5 and 2tg winners share £5. The game is a 75 ball sliding jackpot and players can win up to £250 according to the following calls:

Calls Winner gets
1-35 £250
36-39 £200
40-42 £150
43-45 £100
46-48 £50
49-56 £35
57 and over £25

If there's more than one winner, the jackpot will be shared. Robin hood Bingo's full terms & conditions apply.
Last updated on 25.9.2016.

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