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Slingo - A Mix of Slots & Bingo at Your Fingertips!

A unique and very recent entrant to the online casino world, the Slingo casino offers you an experience that you will never tire of. This wonderful game is a blend of slots and bingo and gives you the chance to win mega jackpots that can be as much as £200,000!

The Slingo adventure is a simple yet exciting one. Gameplay is easy, with plenty of bonus symbols that help increase your chances of winning the game. You can play any one of the Originals – variations of the original game – that will keep you coming back for more.

How to Play Slingo

Layout: The layout of the game is simple:

  • The centre of the screen has the Slingo bingo grid where you cross out numbers.
  • Below that is the Slingo slots reel – a single reel on which numbers appear with each spin. These are the numbers you need to find on the grid and cross off.
  • On the right is the spin count – it usually is represented in the form of bingo balls; you get a limited number of spins within which you need to win the game.
  • On the left is the pay table – it tells you how much you stand to win in the game.

Gameplay: Gameplay is so easy that a player with any level of expertise can play these games!

  • Lay your bets – they can be as low as 20p and go as high as £100, depending on which of the Slingo games you are playing.
  • Click on the START or SPIN button.
  • Try and cross off an entire row, column or diagonal of numbers on the bingo grid to win a Slingo.
  • If you manage to cross off the entire grid, you win the jackpot!

joker Icon

Joker - A Wild symbol that, when it lands on the reel, allows you to cross off any number in that column.

coins Icon

Coins - In case you land a Coins symbol on the reel, you get an instant cash reward!

Super Joker Icon

Super Joker - Another Wild, but this one allows you to daub any number anywhere in the grid!

Devil slingo Symbol

Devil - The Devil lowers your chances of winning by blocking possible Slingos.

Free Spin: Land this symbol and win an extra spin.

The Cherub: This cute little angel will help you fight the Devil and even double your winnings!

Bonuses on Slingo online games will depend on the variation you are playing. Some, like Slingo Rainbow Riches offer you a plethora of bonuses! Then there are others, like Slingo XXXtreme that offer you instant rewards for Wild Combinations. Play each variation of the game to find out which you love best!

Quick Facts About Slingo

1 Created in 1994, the original game was passed from hand to hand before Gaming Realms finally bought it in 2016. The gaming giant redesigned the game and also introduced multiple variations of the game – the Slingo Originals.
2 Slingo online games have an RTP average of 95%, which means that they are medium variance games.
3 The volatility of most of the games are also medium, though there are some games where you get to control the volatility in bonus rounds!

Best Bingo Sites

This game and its variations have become so popular that there are multiple Slingo sites such as Moon Bingo , Loony Bingo.