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Deal or No Deal Slingo

Deal or No Deal Slingo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go up against the Banker in the popular TV game show Deal or No Deal? Well, Slingo gives you a chance to try your luck against the Banker in Slingo Deal or No Deal. In this Slingo casino game, you get the chance to walk away with a massive £100,000 top prize.

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How to Play Deal Or No Deal Slingo

This Slingo online casino game is once again different from the traditional Slingo games. Therefore, to truly excel at the game, it would be best to understand it first.

Game Layout

  • The game uses a traditional 5x5 Slingo bingo grid. However, rather than numbers, this grid contains those iconic numbered red boxes from the show.
  • Each of these boxes will reveal a prize when opened (which happens each time you win a Slingo!).
  • The prize amounts are listed on the blue and red pay tables placed on either side of the grid, and as you discover those amounts in the red boxes, they will be removed from the tables.
  • At the bottom left of the game screen is the bet setter. Bet amounts can range from just £1 all the way up to £100.
  • On the far left is the multiplier table, which tells you how much of a boost you will get for each successive Slingo you win.
  • On the far right is the spin counter that tells you how many spins you have left.

Playing the Game

  • You start the game by laying your bet.
  • Click on the START GAME button to commence the game.
  • You will be given 10 spins per game.
  • At the beginning of the game, you will be given 26 red boxes. You need to choose 1 box, which will be kept aside. The other 25 boxes will occupy the 5x5 grid.
  • The Slingo slots reel will display numbers that you need to find on the grid, and once you complete 5 numbers in a row, column or diagonal, you win a Slingo.
  • Every time you win, the prize multiplier on the left goes up a notch.

Features and Benefits

Slingo Deal or No Deal has some really interesting features that are based on the TV quiz show. The game has special symbols that increase the possibility of a win, and, of course, that one thing that is unique to the entire concept – the Banker’s Offer.

  • The Joker: unlocks any red box in the corresponding column.
  • The Super Joker: unlocks a red box anywhere on the grid.
  • Free Spins: get you extra spins!
  • The Devil: will prevent you from making possible matches!

Banker’s Offer Bonus

To unlock the Banker’s Offer, you need to win 4 Slingos. On the multiplier table, you can see that black telephone that has become so famous on the TV show. When you win 4 Slingos, that phone rings and the Banker will give you an offer. If you like the offer, click on DEAL. Then, collect your prize and the game ends. However, if you don’t like the offer, you can click on NO DEAL, collect the prize and carry on playing. From here on, you will be given an offer after every spin - DEAL or NO DEAL.

Mobile Experience

Your Slingo adventure can now continue no matter where you are. You can simply play your favourite Slingo Deal or No Deal on your mobile devices!

Tips and Strategy

  • To win at this game, you need to ensure you use the wilds with care. Place them strategically so that you increase your chances of winning Slingos and getting to deal with the Banker.
  • Think about the deal you are offered carefully. If the offer is good and you know that you will not make more Slingos, then it is best to close the game. However, if you feel you can win even more, then go ahead and decline the deal.